G Suite login

Securely login to Fleetsmith using G Suite—we don’t store sensitive information like usernames and passwords.

Fully automated packaging

No more manual packaging! Fleetsmith automatically updates apps across your fleet and repackages them for the app catalog.

Managed apps & settings

Select and customize apps and settings to install and keep up to date for everyone at your company.

Automated user import

Automatically import and add users using G Suite, the single source of truth for employee data in Fleetsmith.

Fleet-wide OS upgrades

Upgrade your entire fleet to the newest major macOS and push out dot releases or security patches with just a few clicks.

Device Assignment Tool

Fleetsmith auto-detects and suggests devices to assign to each user, enabling device approval and assignment in a single step.

Disk encryption

Fleetsmith manages device encryption on Macs, helping you ensure company data is secure—even on lost or stolen company devices.

FileVault key escrow

Escrow each Mac’s unique FileVault recovery key with Fleetsmith. Recovery keys are always accessible in Fleetsmith.

Firewall enforcement

Don’t rely on network security alone. Fleetsmith helps you secure your Macs at the host level and prevent malicious network connections.

Device inventory

Goodbye, inventory spreadsheets. Fleetsmith tracks and maintains devices in a single place that’s shareable with other teams within your company.

Lightweight employee experience

Employees will love using Fleetsmith as much as you do. We warn them before updating enforced apps, and nudge them to update non-enforced apps.

One-click emails

Use our optional one-click email tool to send an email to employees when you need their help or cooperation.