Managing Macs doesn’t have to be difficult or daunting. With the right tools, your fleet can be managed and protected automatically—giving you valuable time back for everything else.

Fleetsmith is the only cloud-based Mac management product that puts security first. With Fleetsmith, Mac management is as easy as signing in with G Suite or Office 365. You can leave the rest up to us.


One-click user import

Securely login to Fleetsmith using G Suite or Office 365—we don’t store sensitive information like employee usernames and passwords. Then import and add users in just one-click.

Zero-touch deployment NEW

Ship devices directly to your new hires and Fleetsmith will provision and manage them for you automatically.

Easy device enrollment NEW

Enroll devices through Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP), with the new employee MDM OTA enrollment portal, or using the Fleetsmith agent.

Deployment assistance

Fleetsmith automatically identifies employees who haven’t been onboarded, and creates a pre-filled email message you can send them.


iOS & tvOS management (coming soon) NEW

The power of Fleetsmith Mac management is coming to all of your Apple devices. Manage iOS and tvOS devices with Fleetsmith.

Printers & WiFi NEW

The days of installing printer drivers or figuring out WiFi in remote offices are over! Deploy Printer and WiFi configuration quickly and easily, across your whole fleet.

Fleet-wide OS upgrades

Seamlessly upgrade your entire fleet to the latest version of macOS.

Managed apps & settings

Select and customize the apps and settings you want to install and keep up to date for everyone at your company.

Fleet intelligence

Get immediate insight into key fleet health indicators like device check-in date and firewall enforcement.

Update & patch enforcement

Set enforcement deadlines on critical software patches and updates, and let Fleetsmith push them out for you.

Automatic package management

Finally, no more package management! Fleetsmith automatically updates and repackages your apps.

Detailed device inventory

Goodbye, inventory spreadsheets. Fleetsmith tracks hardware details like custom asset tags, and displays network information like IP and MAC address.


Remote Lock & Wipe NEW

Whether your employee’s device was lost or stolen, remote lock and wipe provide peace of mind and help ensure corporate data stays protected.

Kernel extension whitelisting NEW

For all Fleetsmith-managed apps that rely on a kernel extension for full functionality, we automatically whitelist them so your business-critical applications retain full functionality.

FileVault enforcement

Enforce FileVault across your fleet to help ensure important company data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Authentication & Screen Lock

Set and enforce a company policy for password and screen saver settings to ensure employees’ devices are protected when idle.

Gatekeeper enforcement

Enforce custom Gatekeeper rules across your fleet to protect company Macs against malware and malicious apps.

Key escrow

Fleetsmith escrows each Mac’s personal FileVault recovery key. Recovery keys are accessible anytime in Fleetsmith.

Application Layer Firewall enforcement

Enable and enforce the native macOS firewall to protect endpoints against unauthorized network access.


Manage and enforce the anti-malware app Malwarebytes across your fleet.


Deploy osquery with Fleetsmith to enable powerful fleet-wide intrusion detection and compliance.


Deploy Viscoscity through Fleetsmith to enable secure connections to your OpenVPN servers.

Employee experience

Enforcement notifications

The Fleetsmith menu bar app warns employees before updating enforced apps, and nudges them to update non-enforced apps.

Email notification templates

Use our quick-send email template tool to send a note to employees with unmanaged or unhealthy devices.

Lightweight agent

The Fleetsmith agent is optimized for low resource consumption, so it won’t impact performance on employees’ computers.

Updates in local time

No need to convert between time zones for global teams—choose a deadline and Fleetsmith will enforce it in each employee’s local time.


Puppet & Chef

Extend the power of Fleetsmith with Puppet and Chef, the most popular open-source configuration management tools.


Deploy Filebeat with Fleetsmith to ship system and application logs to your Elasticsearch cluster.

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