Fleetsmith is now part of Apple

Today we have some exciting news to share: Fleetsmith is now part of Apple.
Zack BlumZack BlumZack Blum
24 JUN 2020 1 MIN READ
We started Fleetsmith to balance the management and security needs of IT with the experience users love about Mac, iPad, and iPhone. We’re proud of the incredibly talented team we’ve built, and that we’ve stayed true to our mission: to make powerful, secure Apple fleet management available to everyone.We’re thrilled to join Apple. Our shared values of putting the customer at the center of everything we do without sacrificing privacy and security, means we can truly meet our mission, delivering Fleetsmith to businesses and institutions of all sizes, around the world.To our community of customers and everyone who has been part of our journey so far, thank you! We look forward to continuing to deliver Fleetsmith to existing and new customers. If you’d like to give Fleetsmith a try, visit fleetsmith.com and we’d be happy to connect with you.