Take command of your Mac fleet.

Fleetsmith makes it easy to manage apps, settings, and security across your company's Mac fleet.


G Suite integration

Securely login and import users with G Suite. Assign them devices to instantly start managing your fleet.

Easy OS upgrades

It’s time to upgrade to macOS Sierra. With Fleetsmith, you’re just a few clicks away from a fleet-wide upgrade.

Automatic updates

No more manual packaging—apps are automatically updated and pushed out to your fleet. Go ahead, take a load off!

Seamless deployment

Deploy Fleetsmith at your company with the help of G Suite—we’ll show your progress every step of the way. Approve and assign devices to employees with a single click using our Device Assignment tool.

Quick setup

Choose apps and OS settings to install and keep up to date across your fleet. Changes you make to apps and settings are automatically pushed out, and new app updates can be enforced by a certain date and time.

Automatic updates

Your manual packaging days are over! Fleetsmith automatically updates apps to their latest version. We’ll also take care of notifying your employees if an update requires a restart or relaunch.

Compared to the paid solutions and open source options available today, Fleetsmith has been a breath of fresh air for our IT team. Super easy to configure, the flexibility of a cloud-based tool, and a security-focused backend. It was very obvious from the get-go that Fleetsmith was designed by folks who understand the day-to-day challenges of managing devices, from startup to enterprise.

Caleb Coy

IT Manager, Blurb

Fleetsmith allows me to easily secure and manage my company's Macs. Securing employee computers is critically important as attackers increasingly target them, and choosing not to is a grave mistake no company should make.

Sean Byrne

Security Engineer, Patreon

Fleetsmith allows us to easily enforce disk encryption and other critical security settings so we can meet our compliance obligations. It also saves my team the precious hours they would’ve spent manually provisioning and tracking laptops. Most importantly, Fleetsmith isn’t your traditional hard-to-use enterprise software—the UI is intuitive and best practices are built in.

David Cramer

CEO, Sentry

As a fast-growing startup, we needed a scalable, best-in-class device management solution that could be implemented with no additional headcount. Fleetsmith met and exceeded our needs.

Andrew Peterson

CEO, Signal Sciences

Mac fleet management for everyone.

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