About Fleetsmith

Fleetsmith is the world's first free device intelligence product for macOS, iOS, and tvOS, with automated management and security just a click away. It enables anyone in charge of Apple devices to manage them with ease, flexibility, and peace of mind.

We founded Fleetsmith to address our long-standing frustrations with existing device management solutions. As IT and security leaders at Dropbox and Fandom, we looked at countless commercial solutions with the same set of problems: overly complicated feature sets, weak security implementations, and obscure buying processes. Whether or not managing Apple devices is your full-time job, you deserve better tools. We built Fleetsmith as the answer—a secure, cloud-based product with a powerful, yet intuitive interface that takes the pain out of Apple device management.

Our mission

To make powerful, secure Apple fleet management available to everyone.


Zack Blum

Co-founder & CEO

Jesse Endahl

Co-founder, CPO & CSO

Kenneth Kouot

Co-founder & CTO

Stevie Hryciw

Co-founder & Sr. Engineer



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