About Fleetsmith

Fleetsmith is a cloud-based Mac management product that automates management of apps and settings securely over the internet. It enables anyone in charge of company Macs to manage them with ease, flexibility, and peace of mind.

We founded Fleetsmith to address our long-standing frustrations with existing device management solutions. As IT and security leaders at Dropbox and Fandom, we looked at countless commercial solutions with the same set of problems: overly complicated feature sets, weak security implementations, and obscure buying processes.

Whether or not managing Macs is your full-time job, you deserve better tools. We built Fleetsmith as the answer—a secure, cloud-based product with a powerful, yet intuitive interface that takes the pain out of Mac management.

Our mission

To make powerful, secure Mac fleet management available to everyone.


Zack Blum
Co-founder & CEO
Jesse Endahl
Co-founder, CPO & CSO
Kenneth Kouot
Co-founder & CTO
Stevie Hryciw
Co-founder & Sr. Engineer



For press inquiries, please email press@fleetsmithhq.com.
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