About Fleetsmith

Fleetsmith makes it easy to manage apps, settings, and security preferences across a company’s Mac fleet. Our solution helps companies take IT to the next level—empowering IT teams of all sizes to secure, manage, and maintain their Mac fleets with flexibility and ease.

Fleetsmith was founded to address our long-standing frustrations with existing laptop management products. As IT and security leaders at Dropbox and Wikia, we tested and evaluated commercial solutions with complicated feature sets, weak security implementations, and obscure buying processes. And ultimately, that meant more work for us.

Our mission

Democratize advanced Mac fleet management so that anyone who manages Macs—IT, ops, security, office managers, and more—can manage an entire fleet easily, quickly, and securely.


Zack Blum
Co-founder & CEO
Jesse Endahl
Co-founder, CPO & CSO
Kenneth Kouot
Co-founder & CTO
Stevie Hryciw
Co-founder & Sr. Engineer



For press inquiries, please email press@fleetsmithhq.com. Download the press kit