Competent management

Set your team up for success, and IT up for less busywork. Reclaim your day by automating app and OS updates, settings, and security.

“We wanted a security-focused Mac management solution, so we chose Fleetsmith. Having G Suite integration out of the box was a huge draw for us… Especially during periods of fast growth, the combination of G Suite and Fleetsmith is invaluable… Instead of spending hours provisioning machines and user accounts, we can spend more time with our users to provide in-depth training and help them increase their productivity using advanced G Suite features.”

Team-specific configuration

Pick the basic apps and setting everyone should get. Then fine tune by department.

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Automated updates

Fleetsmith updates your apps automatically. No more manual package management!

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Apps, settings, and more

Fleetsmith's catalog includes everything you need to manage your fleet—even printers and WiFi.

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Reclaim hours every week for the things that matter to you

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