Transparent Pricing

Fleetsmith Intelligence is free for your whole fleet. Fleetsmith Managed is free to try for 10 devices. All iOS and tvOS devices enrolled during open beta will continue to be free once the beta ends.


Insights across your fleet
  • Dashboard
  • Auto device assignment (with G Suite, Office 365)
  • Automatic device enrollment (with DEP)
  • macOS intelligence
  • iOS & tvOS intelligence
  • Asset tag support
  • Smart device inventory

$8.25 / device / month

Try 10 devices free
  • Dashboard with easy remediation
  • Auto device assignment (with G Suite, Office 365)
  • Automatic device enrollment (with DEP)
  • True zero-touch deployment (with DEP)
  • iOS & tvOS intelligence
  • Remote lock & erase
  • Easy macOS upgrades
  • Easy app installs (with automatic updates)
  • Easy disk encryption with automatic key escrow
  • Password & screen lock enforcement
  • Asset tag support
  • Smart device inventory


What do you mean Fleetsmith is free?
Free means free. You will never be charged for Fleetsmith Intelligence devices, period. If you need more control over a device, upgrade it to Fleetsmith Managed. We offer a trial of Fleetsmith Managed for up to 10 devices.
Are there any differences between the free trial and the paid version of Fleetsmith Managed?
Nope. We want you to use the full version of Fleetsmith Managed and put it through its paces before making a decision. There's also no time limit. You'll only be asked to start paying once you hit 11 Managed devices.
How will I be billed after I purchase Fleetsmith?
You won’t be charged until you upgrade 11 devices to Fleetsmith Managed. Once that happens, you’ll be billed for all devices with Fleetsmith Managed enabled. Each Fleetsmith Managed device costs $8.25 per month billed annually, or $10 per month billed monthly.
Which payment options do you accept?
We accept the following credit cards through Stripe: MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.
What do I need to get started with Fleetsmith?
As long as you have administrator permission to read users in G Suite or Office 365, you can sign up and deploy Fleetsmith to your fleet in seconds. We handle user import and device assignment too—it’s that simple.
What devices do you support?
Fleetsmith can manage the entire Apple fleet: Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.
What do you mean that iOS and tvOS are free during beta?
At launch, support for iOS and tvOS is in beta. Once the beta period ends, Fleetsmith Managed will continue to be free for every device enrolled during beta, as a thank you to our initial customers. Fleetsmith Intelligence will always be free for every device.
What identity providers do you support?
Currently, we support G Suite and Office 365. If there's another provider you're interested in, let us know!
Still have questions?
Take a look around our Help Center for more information.